Pamela Kleemann-Passi
Photographer & Visual Artist

Pamela Kleemann-Passi is a photographer and visual artist. As well as creating standard photographic prints, Kleemann-Passi also uses different techniques to free her images and give them a more three-dimensional feel. In the past her photographs have appeared on hospital beds, vinyl LP’s and been constructed into product ranges. She has served her artwork to the public as sumptuous cafés and banquet feasts, with the photographs on platters, cake-stands, cookware, tablecloths and napkins. Her focus is the human body and a growing sense of humanity becoming commodified: consumed and de-valued, the disadvantaged akin to leftovers. More recent projects delve into the wonderment of medical science and surgical intervention, and her fascination with cultural difference, skin and hair articulated through the use of textiles and human hair. She lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia and was a sessional educator in Photography at Victoria University (2007-2012) and Torrens University Australia (formerly CATC Design School) Melbourne Campus (2012-2022).

In 2021, Kleemann-Passi and colleague Carolyn Lewens established the NFP Art-Science-Alliance Inc. from their shared space, Studio 14, Collingwood Yards arts precinct, to encourage and facilitate partnerships and collaborations between artists and scientists.

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Photo courtesy Arun Munoz Photography