Pamela Kleemann-Passi
Photographer & Visual Artist

Mo-Hair Suit


POLITIX-Movember Worn To Be Heard Campaign

The Mo-Hair Suit, made from real moustache hair, was designed to spark conversations around men’s health. It was created in collaboration with Movember and menswear label POLITIX for their 2021 ‘Worn to be Heard’ campaign. Pamela Kleemann-Passi pioneered the material for the suit – the world’s first wearable fabric made from moustache hair – which was then expertly tailored into a POLITIX two-piece. It launched on Australian national TV on 12th November, when The Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic modelled the suit, while interviewing Kleemann-Passi.

In addition to her interest in hair, this project also held a very special significance for Kleemann-Passi. Movember 2021 marked 5 years since she had lost husband, the Congolese musician, Passi Jo, to prostate and colorectal cancer. Since then, her work has delved deeper into her personal experience of illness, exploring the alignment of creativity and medical science, often expressed through the use of human hair. “I find it fascinating how hair can go from something so normal and identity-defining when attached to the body, to something so intriguingly disquieting as soon as it’s removed or shed.”

So how did she manage to turn moustache hair into a wearable suit? “This was a really fantastic challenge for me,” says Kleemann-Passi, “because although I’d made two-dimensional garments from head hair before, I’d never worked with ‘mo-hair’. I knew I was going to need A LOT of it.”  Once word spread, little packages filled with moustache clippings from men whose lives had been touched by mental health issues, suicide, testicular cancer and prostate cancer, plopped through her letterbox. Sustainable Salons, a resource recovery program that recycles and reuses 95% of what goes in the salon bin, sourced the rest of the hair from Barber Shops around Australia. “Eventually I received a very large cardboard box filled with hair” she says, “and I just thought ‘Wow, I want to get my hands in there and play!’”

Kleemann-Passi layered matching and contrasting shades of thick mo-hair clumps between panels of black POLITIX cotton and very fine black tulle, to keep it contained. In essence, it was a ‘mo-hair sandwich’! After experimenting with various stitching methods, landing on a small windowpane pattern – synonymous with POLITIX suits – she chose a blind hemming stitch, which up close, resembles a beating heart rate monitor.

The suit’s lining is printed with messages from the men who donated their facial hair, as well as Mo-Bros and Mo-Sisters who have been touched by men’s health issues. It also features a dedication from Kleemann-Passi herself.  “I felt deeply connected to this project. Passi Jo loved a well-tailored, snappy suit and it made me think of his affinity with the sapeurs in his African homeland and Paris. And he often grew a short-lived but impressive bushy moustache! The Mo-Hair Suit is a unique creation and a fitting tribute to all the men who’ve lost their lives as a result of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental illness. It is simply stunning and will kick-start conversations and keep them going long after Movember… as it should.”

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