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Mixed Media – Latex prints on vinyl, glass plates, martini glasses, bone-handled cutlery, shot-taffeta fabric.

The Light Gallery, Centre for Creative Photography, Adelaide, South Australia, 2012
The Buninyong Brewery, Buninyong, Australia, 2011 as part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Fringe Exhibition Program.

Pam Kleemann © 2011

A Private View - Skinned

While researching ideas about colonisation, consumerism and commodification for her Master’s Degree, Kleemann was struck by the concept of the colonisers literally eating off the backs of the colonized, a notion that continues to resonate, long after colonisation is ‘supposedly’ a practice of the past, and populations (and territories) have gained ‘independence’.

Skinned takes the form of a dinner party table layout, with images of skin as placemats and drink coasters, and bone-handled cutlery as the tools for consumption. A clear glass plate is set on each placemat, creating another lens through which to view the work. Martini glasses complete the elegant setting.